The company "Aviaservice-Kyiv" supplies aviation equipment. We can deliver equipment to any part of the world, with the exception of countries under international sanctions, as well as the Russian Federation.

         Aviaservice-Kyiv LLC is accredited by the State Export Control Service of Ukraine to conduct foreign economic activities in the field of aviation.

It is possible to deliver the following types of aviation equipment:

  • emergency radio beacons;
  • transmission units;
  • oxygen equipment;
  • control and testing equipment;
  • multifunctional systems;
  • weather radars;
  • navigation equipment;
  • main and tail rotor;
  • equipment of hydraulic systems;
  • equipment for aircraft control systems;
  • power supply equipment;
  • equipment for special purposes (UPAZ, etc.);
  • equipment for ground and airfield services;
  • main and auxiliary power units;
  • instrumentation equipment;
  • firefighting equipment;
  • radio navigation equipment;
  • radio engineering equipment;
  • technical lighting equipment;
  • objective control systems;
  • airborne collision avoidance systems;
  • systems for preventing collisions with the ground;
  • fuel equipment;
  • fuel valves;
  • chassis assembly, as well as individual elements.
  • airframe elements